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Industrial floor
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Transport-Beton Kft.
TRANSPORT-BETON Ltd. was founded in Tatabánya in 1991. In its early years the company mainly worked in the field of laying foundations, sewers and rain water drainage but later it became a main contractor for the construction of industrial halls.

At present our company has at its disposal all the machinery and skilled personnel necessary for laying foundations and all kinds of earth work. Furthermore we undertake the building of industrial halls and the associated road and public utilities construction.

Over the years we have widened the company’s profile and now we have colleagues who deal with planning and the obtaining of the necessary permits from the appropriate authorities.

With regards to our sub-contractor activities we have achieved great success in the execution of industrial flooring, an area where we are able to build  several thousand sq metres a day thanks to our cutting-edge technology.
Main Contractor
Block of flats and public building
Machine foundations
Reinforced or steel fibre concrete industry floor
Sliding formwork
Roads, pavements, sewage and rain water pipes, earthwork, foundations, demolition work
Execution of reinforced concrete structures